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Bob Dylan sang about “The times they are a changin’“, and Solomon wrote, “To everything there is a season” and hundreds more have written about the changing of seasons-whether they be climate changes or life stages. Seasons happen with regularity.

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Here in the Midwest of America we are entering the season referred to as Autumn or Fall. Temperatures begin to cool, rains become more frequent, days become shorter, crops are harvested and Baseball concludes while Football is in full motion. Many folk like this season best as it represents a change from the dog days of summer to blissful foliage colors and new wardrobes worn. There is beauty even in the seemingly mundane things of life.

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As much as we like to talk about the weather, it is the seasons of life that really matter most. Some don’t like to discuss the changing of seasons as they bring mortality into sharper focus. However, so much can be accomplished during the later seasons of life and discovering your gift to humanity may be the biggest challenge. It is for me. Health is another season changer for many. I recall when I had my spinal fusion in 2012 that many things changed for me. I could no longer do some of the things I used to do. A good friend of mine told me to accept my new normal and move on. That took a while, but I did (not without my personal struggles, though).

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I leave you with this thought…actually, I am talking to myself, but if it applies to you so much the better.  Simply be radiant !

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