Creativity is an odd thing…some possess loads of it while others have it within them, but can’t seem to squeeze it out all that often. In my case, the desire is there, yet the enthusiasm wavers a bit. Hence, not much creativity being published.

I like quotes, quips and prose. I read a lot…not a big deal. What do I gain? The more important question is, “What do I contribute?”.¬† Oh, I love a wonderful photograph and painting ! Great sculptures also capture my heart.

IMG_1282 (2)

I woke up early this morning before the sunrise, but as I saw the illumination upon my dining room wall, I quickly grabbed my Canon and took this image. The sky was changed within seconds. Literally.

Mediocre photograph…which may equate to mediocrity. What do you think ? I wonder ?

I like it because it reflects the ever-changing gift of God’s creation. Please take a moment and study the makeup of the clouds…the odd color and shapes…the background…the tree tops which just emerged from winter’s grasp.

Mediocrity. I am not sure I know the meaning of this word. However, I like this photograph because it reflects a peacefulness about it. I hope you like it, too.

9 thoughts on “Mediocrity?

  1. Love it! What I enjoy about taking and looking at sky photos, especially sunrises and sunsets is that they are all unique. You also never know what you might see in the photo that you didn’t notice when you took it. Just have fun with it and don’t worry about being “good” or “creative” enough. You will catch some that will blow you away. I have a few photos I still can’t believe are mine.

    • Thanks for the advice and love. I have about a thousand sky photos of clouds, sunrises, sunsets and storms. The sky is like a moving painting to me !

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