What Goes Up…

IMG_0383 (2)

“What goes up must come down.”

This is the opening stanza to the song Spinning Wheel by the American rock group named Blood, Sweat & Tears which was written and performed in 1969. As this song came to mind I casually looked for images to reflect some of the lyrics. I saw this squirrel climb to the top of our Bradbury Pear tree, eat a bit and then scamper down.  Rather amusing since the lyrics really don’t have anything to do with the images, except they represent going up and coming down.

IMG_0387 (2).JPG

“Spinning wheel got to go ’round.”


The next day I passed by this windmill and recalled the second stanza of the song so I stopped, took aim and shot it just as the sun was getting ready to peak above the horizon.

Oh well, I guess it’s okay to do word association, even with photographs and music!