No Hand Out


A month ago I voluntarily had surgery on my right hand; more specifically on my thumb. I had a condition where I over used my thumb by gripping things and squeezing things very hard and often over the course of many years. The pain started about ten years ago, but gradually became worse to the point where I could barely hold a pen or pencil and write legibly.  Grabbing a glass became painful and squeezing the handle on a hose sprayer impossible to do. I tried on multiple occasions steroid shots and for a while they helped, but eventually didn’t. The base of my thumb which adjoins my hand bone had no cartilage (cushion) between them which created the pain plus the ligaments were badly worn out. The only alternative was surgery or not use my right hand which is my predominate hand for just about everything. I can’t really tell by this photograph of my x-ray where the exact problem lies, but the surgeon knew, thankfully!


Both images were taken before surgery. I am healing know, but the doctor says it may take up to six months to feel normal again, and up to a year to be 100%. Immediately after the surgery the pain was intense, but it diminishes as each day passes.

I share all of this not because I want you to feel sorry for me…far be it. I am very grateful that medical science can correct such a defect (my hope anyway). My overall purpose for this post is to share with you an insight I had since I the operation.

It seems to me that often to correct a problem, we have to make the decision to inflict a certain amount of pain or discomfort. Far too many of us are too comfortable to do just that. I was. Look at the world scene today…what a mess we are in. America alone has multiple serious issues we have tried to correct over decades, but haven’t. I realize this is a vague statement. However, the rest of the world seems to have little hope of correcting the problems of disease, malnutrition, slavery, adolescent sex trade, gross injustices, hatred, poverty, religious and ethnic persecution, economic crisis and so on.

At some point, we, as a human race must join together to correct all that is wrong in our world. I believe God will eventually do so, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if for a moment we could all agree on something of benefit for humankind? I chose to have this surgery out of necessity. It seems to me that there are far more important necessities awaiting us to correct. I pray that we would all work toward the solution to these great issues that affect us today rather than continuing to be part of the problem. Idealistic? Yes. Hopeful? Yes. However, won’t you join me anyway…even if it is a bit painful at first?

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