Infra-red thermal imagining technology. I understand that this title is not on everyone’s radar. It didn’t used to be on mine. However, after a prolonged career in the design-build industry of commercial construction, I was ready for a paradigm shift in vocations. I see an opportunity to not only earn an income in this break-thru technology, but perhaps in the artistic/imaging area of photography. I continue to play with possibilities. In the meantime, I focus on what value is already in-place with this vital technology. I believe most folks will see some benefit from it’s use. I hope to help my clients and friends realize the value in this technology.

Obviously, this is a photo of my Jeep after I just parked it. The engine is hot so it heats the front end of the vehicle and reveals warmer colors. The cooler colors show a less heat-intensive image. Think of the possibilities this technology offers. Everything from electrical equipment analysis, mechanical equipment overheating, abnormal heating of various types of equipment to the imaging of walls, ceilings and insulation, and even equine and human joint imaging.

I have been in the commercial and residential fields of construction for thirty years and wish I had come across this dynamic technology ten tears ago. From building envelopes and energy loss to minute mechanical analysis, this technology can reveal things the eye cannot see…preventing catastrophic failures during production due to unexpected power outages.

I recently became a Level III thermographer via Infraspections Institute, the leading IR training company anywhere. I still have much to learn from direct application, but this much I know: expert training is critical to providing this service to commercial industries and residential structures. Email me, if you would like more honest information.

I also thought about using this technology as an artistic medium. I have much to do to practice my technique, but please look at the image below. Thanks!