Montreal Church & High Rise

Welcome.. I chose this photograph of a part of downtown Montreal while visiting a few years ago. The variance from this modern glass-paneled high rise to that of the old stone church initially struck me as out of place due to the proximity of the old and new so close together. Actually, there are several old churches dotting the modern Montreal landscape. There is also an entire historic section of the city referred to as Old Montreal. I like the preservation of the historic contrasting with the contemporary. There is a sense of cohesiveness associated with this dynamic.

The young and the old peacefully co-existing can be applied to people, as well. So can folks of different ethnicity, skin color, language, tradition, religion, cuisine, celebrations, holidays, etc. When people get it right and see diversity as a strength rather than being fearful of it, living together can actually be a pleasant experience for all. I acknowledge that melding together in this era is especially difficult due to the violence of a few who negatively affect so many.

Nevertheless, may we all strive for a piece of Harmony among one another. This is how our world was originally created. Pray that it will continue to be moving forward. Thanks, and enjoy today, tomorrow, being alive and loving what is good and discarding what isn’t. There is too much beauty in our world to be wasted on negatives.


4 thoughts on “Harmony

  1. What a wonderful juxtaposition of the old/new and the temporal/spiritual in your photo, I am imagining behind all the open glass of the tall office block there is a hive of activity and within the serene spirituality of the Church with spires reaching heavenwards, there is quiet contemplation, praise and prayer.Quite lovely!

    • Eily, so kind of you to comment. I like your thoughts, as well. At night some of the offices would have their lights on and people working while a soft glow would illuminate the church’s exterior…another juxtaposition, I suppose. Hope your week is full of serenity!

      • Ah how lovely Michael! Thank you for your kind thoughts, it is indeed very peaceful & serene here-I am typing and doves are coo’ing in my garden đŸ™‚

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