Pondering !

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I came across this sight as I was driving into town. I have posted a couple of times a threesome of these fine looking horses grazing in their field or laying down on the prairie grass. However, I have not seen them in the pond before so it was an exciting moment for me.

For all of you horse owners, this may be a common sight, but not for me. I don’t know where the fourth horse came from (as there has always been three together), but perhaps he is a lookout for those in the water. He seems to be on patrol.

Just thought I would share a moment in time when I witnessed something new to me, and probably to many of you, as well. I wish the image was of better quality, but the pond is about 400 meters from my vantage point and I zoomed to the max.

5 thoughts on “Pondering !

  1. Beautiful! I am a horse girl, and this group of horses swimming enthralls me. I have seen a herd of maybe a dozen wild moose in Northern California, wading in the ocean before; I know of an endurance Arabian who leapt into the ocean at Morrow Bay and swam across the bay!!! And when I was a girl, growing up in Malibu on Trancas Beach, I remember seeing a deer swimming out in the breakers . . . So animals can be called into the water, too :)) Dawn


    • Dawn, thanks so much for sharing some of your experiences with our friends in the wildlife kingdom. I once saw a bull moose in the Yellowstone River as I tubed by it. That was a thrill just to witness this majestic creature with velvet racks munching on brush as I zoomed by. No camera then. I hope you have many future moments enjoying your horses. Thanks for writing!

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