A Riddle !






Just to lighten your burden a little after a long week, I have a riddle for you!

“What is white, of Scottish decent, has four legs and a tail, marble colored eyes and nose, woofs (barks) at other critters as well as his human companions, was bred to pull foxes and badgers from their lairs, likes to dig-especially when the ground is moist, loves to eat, and is very stubborn?”

Ah, but before answering, I will give you several more clues.

“What used to be a breeder dog in a puppy mill, but was rescued; is an alpha male without realizing he isn’t the Big dog in the neighborhood, has torn both ACLs and had surgery on one knee, has been attacked twice by other dogs while being walked on a leash (the first time was super serious), has a sensitive tummy despite his love for food, eats vegetables (which may contribute to his tummy issue), and has lost most of his hearing?”

But there are still more questions to help you figure out this riddle!

“What likes to stand under your feet while cooking a meal, follows Cheryl like he is her shadow, has endeared himself to us for over five years, won’t attack a human, but hates squirrels  and cats with a vengeance, takes slow sniff walks and constantly marks his trail, enjoys car rides-especially if they end with a treat, and has become the Pillow King of our home?”

Yep, Carson. And, yes, most likely your dog fits much of this description, too!

Riddle solved, but the answer never ceases to impact our lives daily.

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