Simply Captivating

5-26 & 27-11 004


Occasionally, a picture is worth a thousand words. I am not sure this image of one of our Clematis blooms qualifies in that category-not that the flower doesn’t, but the photographer (me) may not have presented her well enough; no digital tweaking done.

Nevertheless, I will keep this post to a minimum of words. Immediately to her right is a vine with the whitest of flowers you have ever beheld, and next to those are newly planted red colored flowers yet to bloom. Just imagine this spectacle in your mind…three totally independent clematis vines revealing their true colors without compromising their inherent beauty and DNA. Yet, they stand together as a testament to nature’s diversity.

You must excuse me for starring at this beautiful object. Lovely, is she not? And there are a hundred more like her! Obviously, I am biased in my assessment.

Simply captivating. I hope you agree.

2 thoughts on “Simply Captivating

  1. Patty Clematy-how funny! You are so right about taking time out to “smell the roses” as my step mom used to say to me when I was way too busy. Blessings!

  2. We have a Clematis too and we love to watch her grow and bloom. We call her Patty Clematy. It is so good to take the time in our busy lives to stop, appreciate and enjoy such beauty.

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