Croatia 055

Insignificant? Not exactly. Although this stair looks like a multitude of ancient stone paths found throughout the world, it has historic significance. This is one of many stairways which lead to the top of a town called Stradinsky Buk in Croatia. This ancient city was the first town in the entire world to be illuminated with lights powered by electricity from nearby Lake Krka. Nicholas Tesla built a generating plant at the waterfalls of the lake which created AC current, exactly at the same time Thomas Edison was creating a DC generating plant in New York. Edison finished his generating facility first, but Tesla beat him to actually distributing power for street lights.

By the look of this old city, one would never guess the importance of such a major achievement. If you were to walk down the streets and alleyways of this old city, you would find a town which looked much as it did hundreds of years ago. This fact just goes to show that one cannot judge a city, a book or even a person by its mere cover. All have significance…including you.

6 thoughts on “Insignificant?

  1. Superb post – Tesla is so little understood by the world at large – a magnificent man who created a way to make power/electricity free for all people (but that was diverted/stopped/squelched by those individuals and systems who felt making money providing power was more important) ….etc. etc. I love this sweet little nod to a man who also, being so humble, would have smiled likewise. 🙂 The best your way sir! = Douglas

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