Glistening Twigs

60D 12-29-15 021

The ice and snow didn’t wait until 2016 to fall on our fair city, but nature was gentle with us, as we didn’t get blasted like much of the country has. Just the usual cold front with nasty winds, driving sleet and blowing snow, but the end result was only a small amount of moisture. No doubt, there will be more to come. Not in a hurry, though.

As I stepped outside to shovel I was reminded how striking ice on tree branches can appear when sunlight illuminates both. With only minutes to spare before the sun’s rays began melting away nature’s artwork, I snapped a few images. Frozen water on wooden twigs…simple, yet astounding beauty !

60D 12-29-15 018.JPG

May your new year be filled with wonderful surprises !!!

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