Harmony in Color

Cone Flowers 6-2-15 005What’s yellow and brown and green all over? A field of brilliant cone flowers whose diversity creates an unusual sort of harmony.

Cone Flowers 6-2-15 004What’s black and white and reaching to the sky? A field of colorless cone flowers against a gray background.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly prefer to look at the vivid colors of these Echinacea plants. There is something energizing about color. Although I find B & W photographs interesting, and sometimes even more so for their excellent contrasts, a world without color would become rather drab after a short while. Whether we are dealing with nature, people or the universe, color is essential to our well-being. Like the hypnotic aqua blues of a paradise island, the brilliant yellow-orange blaze of a sunrise, the myriad palate of colors of birds and flowers, or the degrees of color on human skin, color is vital to our existence. So is harmony. I wish there was more of it these days.

Cone Flowers 6-2-15 001

4 thoughts on “Harmony in Color

  1. In visiting your site, I am reminded that it may be a world wide web but sometimes we are closely connected. 🙂 My husband was born in Kansas, we lived many years in Shawnee and Lenexa, and I worked for many of those years in Lenexa. Emporia State for you and Fort Hayes State and Ottawa University for us. I like your ‘yellow and brown.’ 🙂

    • Hi Judy. It is a small world after all. Thank you for sharing your experiences and how they coincide with my past. Fun stuff, indeed. Thanks so much for visiting my site and sharing.I look forward to future encounters.

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