Epilogue to Quotes & Pics

To each of you who read the selected quotes and viewed my photographs in this series entitled, Quotes & Pics, I sincerely want to say, ” thank you “. I am especially grateful to those who viewed every post and gave me consecutive thumbs up. That was very kind of you. Why an epilogue? Because I was surprised. Here I was accepting the creative funk that I was in (for which I had no explanation) and discovered that as soon as I began posting the quotations coupled with the photographs, I suddenly looked forward to doing so each day. I knew I was stuck and had simply hoped I would recapture the ability to creatively blog after this series was over…at least that was my thinking. I doubt I am alone when it comes to ‘hitting a wall ‘, although that doesn’t change anything. However, in the midst of this experience I learned something about myself.440I realize that I tend to take myself and what I do a bit too seriously at times, even though I enjoy injecting humor along the way. I also enjoy a good laugh which is oxymoronic to the seriousness I just described. So, with that stated, I will conclude with this image of one of my old buddies who didn’t find what he was looking for at the time, but has never been deterred from continuing to look beyond the obvious. Eventually, his persistence paid off, along with a change of scenery (or routine). This, I believe, is the answer I discovered in the process.

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  1. Michael, I enjoyed reading your post and viewing your photos everyday. Thanks for sharing your heart. Love, Tracy

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