Quote & Pic of the Day, No. 17 of 24

Carson is a seven-year old West Highland Terrier. Nothing unusual about that. He is a rescue dog from a puppy mill where he was used as a breeder. Not all that uncommon, unfortunately. However, we don’t know how miserable his little life was while caged. He does have several chipped teeth from gnawing on the fencing, and for the first six months we had him, all he could do was pace back and forth in a straight line over an area of twenty feet long even though he had a half acre to roam in. Fast forward to now. He is definitely at ease with us, is king of the entire yard, has taken over most of our pillows and is very comfortable in his own furry skin. In other words, he has adapted well. Carson has been attacked by other dogs on two different occasions-both requiring hospital visits. He blew out his left ACL and had surgery, and later blew out his other ACL, but did not have surgery. He stares outside a lot…mostly looking for squirrels. But who really knows what goes on in that perky head of his ? One thing is certain, he is a tough alpha male with a lot of moxie.The quote should clarify why I talked about him.Carson's View 4-6-12” What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. ”    Ralph Waldo Emerson      Carson 10-12-12                                                               

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      • Yes, Jenga is too. By the way, keep Jenga in your prayers. He has an infected tooth and will have surgery on Tuesday morning to remove it. He is currently on 5 days of antibiotics.

      • Sorry to hear that, especially since you take such good care of his teeth. It’s hard to watch your pet suffer, but he will be okay after Tuesday. He will be lifted up.

  1. Michael,

    Would you please re-send the post with the Orchid? I would like to use it as a background for our Traditional Service this Sunday, with your permission.


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