Sun, Sea & Serenity

Just returned from a brief vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. For five days we experienced 84 degree (29 C) days with plenty of sunshine, gentle rolling waves, warm sandy beaches, and a peculiar sort of serenity amidst many vacationing souls.Cellphone Pics to 11-18-14 076This post really isn’t about all of the luxuries associated with taking such a vacation: great location, wonderful resort, delicious food, terrific pool and beach, awesome views, breath-taking sunsets, pleasant people, and even cleaning by others. What else can I say, except we were very blessed to have experienced all of this.Cellphone Pics to 11-18-14 018No, this is about something less tangible, but much more important.SL-1 153This post, and this trip, have to do with the benefits of simply changing scenery in order to relieve tension and regain a positive perspective. Two things immediately come to the surface: cost and time. In our case, the cost was relatively minor due to frugal planning, but one doesn’t have to go to exotic locales to gain a fresh view. Nor does one have to allot a lengthy period of time to gain that much-needed change in perspective…although we wouldn’t have minded staying longer. The most important factor in conjunction with the change of scenery came about due to a conscious choice to stop the stress by getting off the hamster wheel and simply just be. I have become increasingly more in-tune with the importance of simply being. Perhaps this comes with age, and perhaps with wisdom. Or, it may be borne from necessity, but whatever the reason, less doing and more being is going to become a part of our daily agenda. I will readily admit that sitting in a lounge chair on the beach, munching on fresh guacamole and chips, sipping a Corona and watching the waves wax and wane sure made ‘being’ a bit easier than if we were at home !SL-1 100Photos by Cheryl & Michael via Canon SL-1 and Samsung Galaxy 3.

4 thoughts on “Sun, Sea & Serenity

  1. Yes. I love this. Learning this way of “be-ing” is one of the things, I think, that makes us more fully human, and yet it’s so hard for most of us. I’m so glad you got this time of refresh, a reset button of sorts, and I’m grateful, too, we don’t need to go anywhere exotic to be in this space. I wish you the best as you learn to bring this more into your everyday.

    • Thanks Amber. Your words are like a tonic. I agree that we don’t need to go somewhere exotic, as some of my greatest moments of peace and renewed perspective came from sublime locations only minutes from my front door. In this particular case, the change of scenery really helped, as did my determination to be. I like the word picture of the reset button. Thanks for the comment and well-wishing. Happy Thanksgiving.

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