20140712_110818_resizedThis beauty is a 1934 Teraplane KU Coupe made by the Hudson Automobile Company in the USA. Designed and built during the Great Depression, between 1932 to 1938, the company wanted to capture a larger segment of the auto market by capitalizing on the burgeoning aviation craze of the era. Even Amelia Earhart helped to introduce the Teraplane to the American public. It was also sold to other nations,20140712_110837_resizedEquipped with a six cylinder engine and hydraulic plus mechanical brake systems, the Teraplane was offered with a high output V8 which was favored by gangsters of that era because of its superior speed and acceleration.20140712_110849_resizedHudson marketed this model under the name of Essex Teraplane in the effort to connect it to its well-known Essex sedan. They didn’t want to put too many embellishments into it so as to keep the price within reach of more car buyers, but she still featured some quality adornments.20140712_110923_resizedThe rumble seat with foot pads to climb into it gave this model a distinctive appeal, as rumble seats were all the rage for a few years. The Teraplane was phased out after 1938, but during the early days of its debut, one of the sales slogans went like this, “On the sea that’s aquaplaning, in the air that’s aeroplaning, but on the land, in the traffic, on the hills, hot diggity dog, That’s Teraplaning!”. By today’s standards this is a pretty corny slogan, but it may have been effective in the early thirties.20140712_110903_resizedThis is a rare automobile in any condition, however this baby is in pristine shape. I considered it a privilege to have come across her while I ate lunch in midtown and to have had the opportunity to shoot these photos-albeit with a cell phone. I hope you enjoy seeing them and appreciate a masterpiece on wheels.

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  1. Thanks. Now that’s a beautiful machine! Pleased to have found your blog and I’ll return. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (bound to feature some car songs soon).

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