After the Rain

6-7-14 033After the rain when the earth is cleansed and flowers bloom. After the rain when rivers rush and ponds overflow. After the rain when birds sing and sunlight breaks forth. After the rain when tears dry up and hope sprouts. After the rain when God smiles and rainbows appear. After the rain when babies jump in puddles and parents laugh. After the rain when clarity returns and dark clouds disappear. After the rain, yes, after the rain, when the world seems strangely right.

6 thoughts on “After the Rain

  1. ps, love that, “I am my parents son”, something to be proud of, eh? Proud as in grateful for such loving parents, xo

    • Yes, we three are very blessed to have been loved and reared by wonderfully caring, yet imperfect, parents. May we be full with such faults.

  2. Happy Birthday Brother, I agree with Tracy, you are the best. Love the photo with your latest blog, it’s beautiful. Love, big sis!

  3. Happy Birthday Brother,

    I can’t believe you are 5……………………..! You sure don’t act like it or look like it. Mom would be so proud of the wonderful father, husband and brother that you are, because I know that I am.


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    • Dear sister, you are hopelessly deluded when it comes to your brother! However, he certainly loves and appreciates you. Now that the word is out, he is very glad his age wasn’t divulged! BTW, I am my parent’s son.

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