Into the Light

20140329_140215Carson is recovering well from his CCL surgery. It is a slow process, especially since he is feeling his old self and wants to run and jump and rough house…all of which he can’t. I think it is harder on us than him. We have to hold him back and repress that which comes natural to a terrier. When I am with Carson, I talk to him like he can understand me. I say things like, “It’s for your own good buddy”. “It won’t be that much longer before you can do all the things you used to do”. “I know it’s tough, but just a little while longer and the wait will be worth it”. “You can’t damage that knee again or you may not recover next time, and that would be tragic, so we have got to be strong and show restraint”. All the while I am fighting letting go of the leash so he can sprint off or play tug of war. It is hopeless-I am a sucker for the little guy. So is Cheryl. We carry him around like he is a bag of groceries! We know his routines almost as well as he does which endears him to us more than ever. I never thought I would say this, but I think I may miss the 5 am walks in the cold darkness of every morning. What? Am I crazy?! Photograph taken with my Samsung Galaxy 3 cell phone. Post is dedicated to David Patterson…hang in there.

4 thoughts on “Into the Light

    • I couldn’t resist sharing this image of Carson, as I was captivated by the stark contrast of a partial sun-lit face. I like his profile…much better than mine! Thanks for the compliments.

  1. If I could write as well as you, I would have written the exact same thing about Trixie. Only we wouldn’t be trying to keep her from being so active, we would be helping her on the bed or couch so she could sleep the day away. Great description of human love for our dogs!

    • Well, we do plenty of lifting…at 22 pounds, Carson is a bit of a load! How can we not assist him, as he brings us much joy. You would certainly do the same. You write just fine, too!

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