Veteran’s Day 2013

Old GloryWhen I look at our flag I am reminded that our nation came about due to the sacrifice of many for the common good of America. Our world has benefited, as well. I’ll be the first to admit that we haven’t always lived up to our ideals when it comes to using our military. Many hate us for various reasons, and I understand this dynamic. However, those who have served, and are serving now in the armed forces do so with a respect for freedom by giving us their greatest asset-their lives. Our flag still waves because of these committed men and women who have chosen to serve her. Thank you seems so small, but it is a heartfelt gesture that I sincerely state without reservation.

6 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day 2013

    • Thank you, Shooter. Whether you have some sort of attachment to the miltary or simply are grateful for the freedoms we have and for those who fight for them, your acknowledgement is appreciated.

  1. Scott, I salute you for your dedication and many yeras of service. I can see a correlation between your blog image and your military service. Keep soaring!

    • I, too, am grateful for dad’s service. Many of our generation can say the same about one or both of their parents. Those on the home front paid (pay) a price, as well, for which we are also thankful.

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