A Son Is Born !

IMG_0493xWhat does a man say when words become inadequate to express the pathos within him? The photos I have selected are of my grandson-my first grandchild. He was born Wednesday, October 16 at 3:12 pm CST. My wife, Cheryl, took these images within the first two hours after he was born. Tears well-up as I stare into his eyes. His name is Elliot Michael and he is small, but oh so beautiful. Of course, every newborn is a beautiful gift and I gladly acknowledge my bias. Cheryl’s images are vital to me as they reveal how wonderful my grandson appeared shortly after his delivery into our world…his world now.IMG_0496xyA flood of memories crossed my mind as I studied this little guy. I remember the days when our children were born, and the feelings that went along with those effulgent moments. I watched my daughter and son-in-law as they transformed from two people in love to a family of three…never to be the same again.IMG_0504abNot every child born is healthy or whole. Some have deformities, some have disabilities, some addictions, and some no food. Too many have no parents to hold them and cradle them. So, I submit to you that Elliot is among the fortunate, the blessed. There were complications which could have resulted in physical issues, but they didn’t. Had they, Elliot would still be fortunate. He has a mommy and daddy who adore him. He has grandparents and uncles and aunts that are thrilled he arrived. He has and will have all of his material needs met. So will he have his emotional and spiritual needs nurtured by a loving family. He has, and is, so much.IMG_0491aWhat will my grandson’s future be like? Only God knows for sure, but I know he will like the St. Louis Cardinals; he will enjoy the great outdoors; he will make a lot of people very happy; and he may break a few hearts along the way! His may be broken, too.IMGa_0488xyI couldn’t help but think of the Christmas story and the verse in Isaiah which predicted the birth of Christ…”For to us a child is born, to us a son is given”. Elliot Michael has been born, and in a very real sense he has been given to us. It seems as though the passage of time moves ever so swiftly. So, we must enjoy the journey and cherish each moment. Raising a child is not always easy and can be quite challenging, but the reward is well worth the investment in time and energy. We can lavish material resources upon our children until absurdity becomes evident, but we can never love too much. Thanks Ramie and Matt for giving Cheryl and myself another opportunity to cuddle a baby, your baby, our grandson. How utterly amazing is the birth of a child. Welcome home, Elliot.IMG_0442

12 thoughts on “A Son Is Born !

  1. A blessed baby. Very blessed parents. And grandparents who will provide Love, wisdom, and their belief in God. A blessed baby indeed!

  2. Very well written Michael. We are so happy for you and Cheryl (and his parents too). How awesome is must be to be a grandparent. 🙂 Elliot is beautiful.

  3. Beautifully written. Way to go gramps

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