A Walk In The Park

Canon 60D 050Recently, I had the privilege of taking an early morning walk at a local park. This suburban park is bordered by railroad tracks with a field of wild grasses and flowers, a residential street and woods at both ends. It contains a small lake where beavers have made considerable progress and birds are often found resting on the calm water. This particular morning was unusually cool with a high level of humidity…condensation was on everything which made for a wonderful, eye-catching experience. I brought along my new camera, and set about taking some photographs. I soon found myself gravitating toward the macro end without a macro lens, so I shot with my zoom and played with various settings. The light was perfect. Below are several shots of what I experienced. I hope you find nature as awesome as I do. No matter how creative man becomes (and he is), there is nothing more beautiful than God’s natural, magnificent creation.Canon 60D 055Canon 60D 056Canon 60D 058Canon 60D 066Canon 60D 067Canon 60D 069Canon 60D 051Canon 60D 081

4 thoughts on “A Walk In The Park

  1. ahhh, from an artist’s eye! beautiful work, love the grass full of seeds, with the humidity on it, wow!! colors and compositions are marvy!! congrats!

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